Red Rich Fruits’ orchards, packing sheds and distribution centres are spread across Australia, from our mango orchards in the Northern Territory, to our apple, pear and stonefruit orchards in Victoria. We are also vertically integrated and work closely with dedicated third party growers.


Red Rich Fruits work closely with some of Australia’s best fruit growers. Meet some of the faces behind our fresh fruit.

Michael Napoleone & Joe Napoleone & Family

Michael, Joseph, Max & Jack Napoleone, and Family

M.V. Napoleone, Yarra Valley

Born and raised on the family orchards in the Yarra Valley, Michael, Joseph, Max and Jack Napoleone and family, co-own and operate M.V. Napoleone. Established by Michael’s father Mick, the company has been in operation since 1948 trading as Red Rich Fruits. The orchards consist of over 300ha of pome and stonefruit trees in Wandin North, Wandin East, Coldstream, Seville and Hoddles Creek in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, producing in excess of 10 million kilos of apples, two million kilos of pears and half a million kilos of stonefruit each year.

“My father placed a great emphasis on quality fruit. There is a sign above our packing line: ‘if you wouldn’t buy it, don’t pack it’. We pride ourselves on the quality of the fruit we produce and strive to produce an excellent product that rewards our customer with a memorable eating experience. We live by the motto: ‘committed to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction’.”
~Michael Napoleone

Constant innovation and investment in research and development, together with a painstaking maintenance program, has enabled M.V. Napoleone to consistently grow nutritious fruit of the highest quality for our customers.

The Napoleone family has also diversified its interests, branching into the wine, beer and cider industries via its ownership of Punt Road Wines and the Napoleone Brewery and Ciderhouse.

Gayndah Citrus Growers Sue & Tom Jameson

Sue & Tom Jameson

Waitemata Orchard, Gayndah

Sue and her son Tom Jameson are third- and fourth-generation growers whose family brought the first Imperial Mandarins to Queensland in the 1960s. Their property, ‘Waitemata Orchard’, is situated just outside of Gayndah on the banks of the Burnett River. The Jamesons have been growing premium quality Imperial Mandarins for Red Rich Fruits since 2018.

Waitemata Orchard consists of 5,000 Imperial Mandarin and 1000 Lemon trees; with good soil, access to plenty of water, and on-site de-greening facilities. The early availability of the Jamesons’ fruit compared to others in the district; combined with their fine-tuned, hands-on approach which sets Waitemata Orchard apart.

“Our orchard is a little bit earlier than a lot of the orchards, which helps with the Imperials. That depends on the pruning and the fertilising and our program. It’s a family thing and we’re hands-on and we do it ourselves. Everything is fine-tuned and we’re small enough to manage it personally.”