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Red Rich Fruits (NSW) Limited are putting a new spin on an Australian favourite, launching an exclusive line of fresh Kensington Pride mangoes in time for spring, under the brand Mr KP Mangoes.

Grown just south of Darwin in the Northern Territory (NT), the growing conditions mean Mr KP Mangoes are available up to a month earlier than most other Australian mangoes, providing the first taste of summer for mango lovers. The most popular mango variety in Australia, it’s the early availability of these Kensington Prides, combined with freshness, and consistently high quality, at an affordable price, which truly sets Mr KP Mangoes apart.

Available from late August until November, the new brand features a unique, fun, fresh mango character, named “Mr KP,” who was designed to be an immediately recognisable point of difference in the produce department, and to resonate with consumers of all ages.

“Since his birth as a trade brand in 2014, Mr KP has proved to be a uniquely identifiable and popular brand across the industry,” said Matthew Palise, Red Rich Fruits Managing Director.

“He’s all about fun, indulgence, flavour, and quality, and his new look as a consumer brand really supports that. He adds personality to the produce department and we’ve been getting fantastic feedback from consumers and retailers alike.”

Mr KP Mangoes are currently grown across eleven locations in the Berry Springs region, and consist of more than 26,000 trees producing over 300,000 trays of high quality mangoes each year.

Mr Palise said the secret to producing the consistently high quality Kensington Prides was developing and implementing industry-leading systems of orchard and supply chain management.

“We’ve been privately funding research for several years now. Where other orchards have been unable to, our systems are now at a level at which we’ve been able to largely control variables that can negatively affect the fruit’s appearance,” he added.

Horticulture Innovation Australia placed the gross value of mango production at the farm gate at approximately A$140 million per annum in 2014, but production and quality issues have pushed up prices and slowed category growth in recent years. According to Red Rich Fruits Marketing Manager, Erin Hart, there’s plenty of room to grow, with consumers seeking an exceptional mango experience at the right price.

“Our research tells us that people of all ages love mangoes. They’re prized for their unique flavour, aroma and appearance, and are seen as a healthy treat” said Ms Hart.

“With their unblemished yellow-orange blushed skin, rich juicy flesh, and unique Kensington Pride aroma and flavour, Mr KP Mangoes live up to a brand promise of quality and freshness that delivers an exceptional mango experience for consumers; made all the more appealing when available as a value pack.”

“What’s most exciting though, is the opportunity to connect with consumers through the Mr KP character, and educate them about how they’re grown, what makes them special, how they can be used, and how versatile they are in terms of eating occasions,” she added.

Ms Hart said that retailers had shown great interest in Mr KP Mangoes, and see significant promise in the opportunity to present a quality and freshness point of difference on a highly popular Australian variety, as an alternative to proprietary varieties.

Red Rich Fruits has been a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit for over 30 years. Established, owned and operated by the Napoleone family since 1948 in the Yarra Valley, Red Rich Fruits traditionally grew apples, pears, stonefruit and cherries, before joining forces with Matthew Palise in 2010 and extending the range to include citrus, berries, and mangoes.

Mr KP Mangoes are bursting with flavour, and have a velvety, exotic taste superior to competitors; providing the highest quality fruit for the perfect healthy treat this spring. They are proudly family owned and Australian grown, and will be available in fresh produce aisles across Australia from late August 2016.

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